13.06.2016 16:00, marge.varma

The presidency of the European Union also has a parliamentary dimension, which will bring top politicians from the parliaments of all member states and from the European Parliament to Estonia in the first half of 2018.

Tallinna kultuurikatel
12.05.2016 16:10, marge.varma

The main venue for the events to be held during the Estonian presidency will be the Tallinn Creative Hub.

06.05.2016 16:31, marge.varma

The website is aimed at all people who want to learn more about the presidency and the preparations. It provides an overview of the Council of the European Union, the role of the presidency and all tasks related to the presidency.

03.05.2016 16:00, marge.varma

The preparatory committee for the EU presidency has decided that up to 335 extra staff may be hired for holding the presidency; 120 of them will be working in Brussels.


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