About 1,300 people in total are involved with the Presidency. These people are not all located in one place, but are divided between Brussels and Estonia. The Government Office is responsible for the Presidency preparation and its implementation, which includes the Estonian European Union secretariat – which the team coordinating Estonia’s EU Presidency is also a part of. 

Working groups managed by Estonia as the holder of the Presidency are divided between the ministries – each ministry is responsible for the themes concerning their field at the Council of the European Union level during the Presidency.

In order to use the Presidency as an opportunity to raise the European Union-related competence of the entire public sector, the majority of the required employees shall be recruited from the current government workforce, and shall then receive additional duties for a fixed term. As it is a very intensive period of work, additional people are also necessary for certain roles. Up to 335 temporary additional positions are planned in total for all departments from the central budget of the Presidency.